Casket Games

There isn't enough time, or dice!

 Welcome toCasket Games.

This is the blog and information site for the gamers and designers of the Casket Games Brand.

Casket Games is not just a games design studio. It is a mindset that wants to work with all gamers for the improvement of the hobby and the development of the community. We also are in the process of producing media, light hearted looks, as well as our own range of games and background worlds that we have always wanted to produce. Most of all we want to share it with you, the gamers, the people that matter. There will be fiction, comedy, at least two different games (one tabletop and one roleplay) user submissions and total transparency and interaction with the people who are playing our systems. The team at CG have many years of experience in this superb hobby, and we want to put something back into the Sci Fi and Fantasy worlds that we all love.

That is what we want to achieve, and with your help, support and love of all things gaming, we may just get there.

 This website will be the initial core information site for everything that is happening, and we all know the power of the internet so we will let you know when the CG tendrils have infiltrated all the favourite social media sites.

Contact the the design team by email at

or 07758837146